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Dental Office In Orem And What To Expect

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First, you need to find a dental office in Orem and make sure that you feel completely comfortable there. Once you know that you’re comfortable and that you can trust your dentist, you’ll then need to schedule a check-up appointment. That’s to make sure that any major problems don’t arise. During your first check-up with the dentist, you can expect them to ask you about your health history. If anything that has to do with your health has changed recently, then you need to make sure that you tell that to the dentist. Most of the time you’ll only have to visit the dentist for a check-up and that’s only every six months, the checkups can help your teeth stay clean, look beautiful and prevent any major dental issues.

Here’s what you can expect to happen during a checkup appointment.


Dental checkups always include a complete thorough cleaning of the teeth, either from a dental hygienist or sometimes a dentist. Whoever cleans your teeth will use special tools, the hygienist will also scrape around your gum line to remove any built-up tartar and plaque. The removal of the tartar and plaque is very important because that’s what causes you to develop cavities, bad breath, and other unhealthy issues.  The hygienist might also floss as well as polish your teeth.

A Full Exam

After the cleaning is all done the dentist will then come in and do a complete exam of your teeth, mouth, and gums, looking for any major issues and any signs of a disease. A dentist’s main goal is to help you maintain good oral health, and avoid any major problems. This is why they do a full exam.


Depending on your age and the condition of your oral health, the dentist might suggest that they do an x-ray of your mouth. X-rays can help diagnose any issues that the dentist might not see, such as impacted teeth, decay between the teeth, and impacted teeth. Nowadays dental offices use x-ray machines that have zero radiation and they are now safer than they have ever been. Just as safe as watching tv. As a precaution, the dentist will give you a lead apron to put on before the x-ray is performed. If you’re pregnant then you will need to let the dentist know that, as x-rays should really not be performed on a pregnant woman. The x-ray can provide a complete view of your teeth and that’s including the top and the bottom just in one single picture. X-rays can help the dentist understand your bite as well as the relationship between your teeth. X Rays can also help determine if you need your wisdom teeth pulled out.

How Long Should You Wait Between Visits?

If you know that your teeth and gums are in good health, then you could wait 6 months until scheduling your next visit. If you do need further dental treatment, like to fill a cavity or repair a broken tooth-then you should make your next appointment as soon as you’re ready to check out from your check-up. And don’t forget to ask your dentist in Orem any questions that you need the answer to.


Why Do You Need to Visit a Dentist in Orem; Know the Reasons

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Do you have a tight schedule and is it tough to schedule another appointment on a hectic day?  There is a need to consider a regular dentist Orem visit every 6-month, and it is important to keep your gums and teeth in shape. Your dentist has a crucial role in overall dental health.

Reasons to visit:

  • Early diagnosis: The key reason to visit regularly is by avoiding issues such as gum problems and tooth decay. These issues at first may seem minor and may lead to crucial issues. However, major dental concerns must be addressed early. Thus, there is a need for regular visits so that it assists in the diagnosis and quick treatment.
  • Clean teeth: There is a need to brush and floss daily at least two times. However, for proper oral hygiene and health, do the brushing and flossing in the correct way. The proper way of brushing can be trained by the dental hygienist. Having a healthy tooth set enhances your appearance, and the tartar or dental plaque can be removed as a routine.
  • Gum disease: There are many gum diseases arriving due to nutritional habits and ignoring it results in tooth loss and healthy teeth, besides serious ailments. Considering regular visits to a dentist in Orem helps to diagnose early gum problems and issues may be reversed if diagnosed early.

Proper teeth and gums care to help you to lead a healthier life. Ignoring dental problems ensures you spread them and restrict from becoming serious. You may schedule an appointment with a dentist in Provo Ut.  Dental diseases are also suspected of contributing to stroke, pancreatic cancer, and heart disease. The saying is perfect that ‘prevention is better to cure.’ This visit also saves time and money in the long run.

Maintain Teeth For your Lifetime

Taking home care is the best, or you may consider in-office dental treatments as it is easy to manage dental care personally. There are diseases and conditions that result in tooth loss, but today there is technology and product to offer control and to retain your natural teeth for a longer span in life.

The common suggestions of having your natural teeth for a lifetime means there is a need to brush and floss regularly. The mouth and teeth problems get triggered by plaque that is the bacteria layer, organic matter and food particles forming the teeth surface.

The bacteria in plaque produce acids causing cavities. Plaque causes periodontal disease, an infection damaging the tissues and eroding the bone enveloping the teeth.

The best way of removing plaque and destroying the building up chances is through constant brushing and flossing. The regularity in the maintenance of teeth is needed so that the plaque does not accumulate and harden. Bear in mind to do proper brushing and flowing.

People disregard brushing and do it sloppily. Making bubbles in the name of teeth brushing is not enough to get rid of the food debris and plaque. It may be a waste of time, toothpaste, and effort, in case you fail to practice the teeth brushing proper technique. In fact, it takes to instinctive brushing so that the bristles in the toothbrush help in removing plaque without causing injury to your gums.

General Tips

  • Brushing your teeth is a must-do activity twice a day. It is very important to brush prior to hitting the bed. This is because the saliva production during sleep decreases and the teeth is vulnerable to the bacterial acids attack.
  • Bear in mind that though brushing teeth is recommended regularly, there is no need to brush daily over three times. It is because the gums recede in the long run. Brushing teeth makes the strokes harsh and owing to this the gums bleed or recede.

Plaque sticks and the option is to brush hard so that the debris becomes free from your teeth. But remember that constant and light brushing will do the trick and also avert teeth and gums damage. Two minutes of brushing is enough to remove plaque build-up and also to remove any food stuck on your teeth.

Regularly change your toothbrush. These are the basic weapons and are not expensive, so change the brush every three months. It is really time to replace using a new toothbrush.