Attractive Airbnb Decor Ideas From Interior Design Park City To Make Your Listing Stand Out

interior design park city

Did you just decide that you want to open your own rental property with Airbnb but are not sure how you’d like to decorate it? Well, thanks to our amazing interior design park city professionals, I have some tips and tricks for you that will make your new rental property lovable. These tips and tricks will impress your guests right away and will make your Airbnb listing stand out.

  1. Use Fun And Bold Colors

Accenting your property with fun and bold colors can make your inside decor something to remember. You might not like bright pillows on your couch in your own home, but having them in your rental property will make it super fun for guests. Also, adding a colorful area rug to the living room is a great way to pop some color. Area rugs can also be purchased for a very cheap cost at your local home decor store. For the furniture, you’ll want to use neutral colors but then add bold colors to decorate the furniture. There are so many colors that you can choose from and bright colors will definitely make your Airbnb stand out.

  1. Use White Sheets For The Bedding

Picking the bedding out for your rental property can be very tricky. But you can never go wrong with some plain white sheets and a soft comfortable duvet. Having a bed that is comfortable and can make guests feel like they are sleeping in their own bed can make sure that you will get a 5-star review and also become an Airbnb super host.

  1. Add Greenery And Live Plants

You want your Airbnb to have a fresh touch to it, so adding live plants as part of your decor is a perfect way to do this. You just need to make sure that the plants are very low maintenance and will not need so much attention to stay alive. If you’re not going to be there to water the plants then you could even purchase some fake plants that look like they are alive

  1. Add A Luggage Rack 

Hotels will usually provide a rack for their guests inside the room, so why not do the same in your rental home. Guests will appreciate that. With so many DIY decors floating around the internet, you can always make your own costume-made rack that will perfectly fit into your Airbnb property.

  1. Install A Bold Backsplash 

A unique and bold backsplash will grab the guest’s attention and make your Airbnb stand out from others. You can put in some fun blue or green tiles behind the kitchen sink and make it look more fun than just a plain white wall.

  1. Purchase Vintage Pieces

Old vintage pieces can give your Airbnb character. Vintage furniture or vintage decor adds so much character to the property and your guests will definitely appreciate that. Cool and unique vintage pieces can be found at garage sales or even on the Facebook marketplace for a very cheap cost. You can even ask your local interior design park city professional on where you can find vintage decor.