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Five Significant Reasons a Licensed CPA Surpasses a Bookkeeper Fort Lauderdale

There are several reasons for one to become a Certified public accountant. This is a position that is not received by attaining a degree certificate or through knowledge of the account. This is because there is a need to pass an exam to be known as a CPA.  A CPA Fort Lauderdaleis an official designation. To get this certification, in addition, means you enjoy career advancement opportunities and other advantages.

Here are the most valuable five reasons for not staying a bookkeeper in Lauderdale and becoming a CPA:

  • High paid salary
  • Career development
  • Prestige and respect
  • Variety in jobs
  • Job security

High Paid Salary

The salaries earned by CPAs are more than the regular accounting Fort Lauderdale earning. Generally, a 10-15% is earned more as a CPA licensed in comparison to other mere accountants, and this is also confirmed by the NASBA.

This is the reason many firms give their employee accountants a bonus to pass this exam, and it also is beneficial as they can earn more money. An independent CPA means you get to charge more from the clients as a CPA offers additional services in this profession demonstrated.

Career Development

CPAs have plenty of career options readily available, while the bookkeeper Lauderdale staffs have restricted options available as they are termed as unlicensed accountants.  There is the disadvantage that the accountant cannot represent before the IRS on behalf of the client. While the CPAs legally get to sign documents and are given good respect for their responsibilities handled. The employers pay the CPA exam cost so that they promote their employee’s value. Thus, it is mandatory to pass the education to get a CPA license.

Prestige and Respect

A CPA is the accountant at the highest level, and with this title, there is enough prestige. The CPAs are highly regarded by their employers, clients, and also by the non-professional acquaintances. This qualification and license of a CPA reveal that you are professionally a skilled accountant and not a mere college graduate.

 It also reveals your authority on the subjects and professional dedication. It also means you earn the respect that you can bask in pride for passing the tough CPA exam and on passing it promotes your confidence to the next level. Self-esteem and strong confidence help in gaining more clients, landing better jobs, and in performing work better.

You will also have pride in yourself for passing the difficult CPA exam, which will boost your confidence. Strong confidence and self-esteem can help you gain more clients, perform better work and land better jobs.

Variety in jobs

CPAs work in different fields; this includes the non-profits, private companies, government agencies and more.  There are many niche jobs, and a CPA can work in any industry of their choice. The certified CPAs can enjoy flexibility in their careers. They also get to travel and acquire globalized knowledge.

Job Security

CPA is a secure profession and is in high demand offering an advantage over bookkeeper Fort Lauderdale and accountants. CPAs have more control over their career, and this offers greater job security.